Research in the field of Loads & Aeroelasticity

Activities in the field of Loads & Aeroelasticity are part of IBK´s history of more than 20 years of delivering services for the industry.

Research activities in the field of Loads & Aeroelasticity are mostly performed at the IBK-site in Hamburg. Qualified aeronautical engineers are needed for this challenging task, in particular a strong background in the topics of structural dynamics and aerodynamics as well as aeroelasticity is desirable. A solid background in control-theory is appreciated as well.

Loads are in general calculated by performing a simulation of what an aircraft does under certain conditions. This simulation is more or less always a multidisciplinary simulations, so it invovles contributions/ sub-models from different domains. The tasks of IBK-engineers in the field of Loads & Aeroelasticity are

- prepare models for subsequent calculation/ simulation steps

- perform loads calculation, e.g. gust, manouvre, flutter, landing, fatigue

- update/ improve model building or simulation methods

- analyse impact of improvements, either

   - technological (update of configuration has impact on loads or not)

   - methodogical (update of methods has desired impact or not)

Loads engineers will mostly be using in-house codes from either IBK or customers IBK is working for. Good coding skills in typical engineering environments (MATLAB, Python, C++) are therefore helpful to set up and manage steps or whole calculations.