Design of Wind-Tunnel Models

A major field of activities within IBK is the organisation of wind-tunnel test campaigns, which includes in particular the design of the wind-tunnel models.

As a design engineer at IBK people are working with CATIA V5 in a small design teams and prepare models for specific wind-tunnel test campaigns. Depending on the campaign and the model the design requirements can be quite challenging, including:

- models with a engine demonstrator

- elastically scaled models

- dynamically scaled models

- actuated models

- Model to be tested in complex environments

  - High Speed

   - High Pressure

   - Cryogenic

In particular the designers is responsible for the design and the close communication with the manufacturer and the wind-tunnel. He has to implement specific design solutions, specify COTS-parts and, if necessary, design and test sub-solutions for demonstrators to ensure solution feasibility.

The design teams are located at the IBK-site in Hamburg and Nürnberg.